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Key#1 – Pornography addication – the Drug

Now you know why we refer to pornography use as substance abuse. In fact, the
neurochemical release triggered by pornography viewing is so intense, many scientists
refer to it as the most powerful drug in history.
Many would agree that we live in the most stressful time in the history of the world — there are more than enough pressures to push us to seek escape through self-medication.
This can take many forms—alcoholics, workaholics, foodaholics, and TV addicts, just to name a few. There are also many healthy outlets such as exercise, meditation, service, spiritual pursuits, hobbies and entertainment. Yet, even healthy outlets can become problematic when taken to the extreme.

Imagine taking the most powerful drug in history and making it instantly available at then push of a button, at little or no cost. Your drug use is totally secret, and the drug-pushers come to you! What do you suppose would happen to addiction rates? That’s exactly what the Internet has done with pornography. It’s what we call the “4 A’s of the Internet”— Accessible, Affordable, Anonymous and Aggressive. Now can you understand why some, for example 60 million people in the U.S. alone are caught up in this “drug use” at some level? Imagine the numbers in Africa? Asia? Europe? Can you understand how you got pulled in?

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