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Lies about sex and addiction #2

Lie Truth
“Pornography helps my marriage sex life” Pornography destroys a marriage’s sex life through lust.  Though it may bring a short-term pleasure, it harms your marriage by supplanting love-inspired affection with lustful gratification.   It’s only a matter of time before things deteriorate.  Lust naturally craves more and more, so you’ll find yourself looking for more exciting outlets when your spouse is unable to keep up.
” I can’t live without my porn” (and/or sex sin) The enemy wants us to believe that we cannot survive and enjoy life without a diet of sin. The truth is that sinful living produces spiritual and ultimately physical death.  True life begins with living according to God’s Spirit, and making no provision for sin’s fulfillment (Romans 13:14 , John 6:63). We CAN live without sin!When we obey God with our sex life, we will experience peace and are best able to reap the fruits of a healthy marriage (current or future).   Sex is not a right given to every person, but rather, it is a gift from God to every person who marries.  For those who have not married, the challenge is to trust God and wait on Him for His provision for life, marriage and sex.  (See singles and sex pages)
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