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Dealing with Lust and burdening Sexual thoughts

Hi good people,

I haven’t blogged in quite sometime. February has been a tough month for me spiritually. It has been one of the lowest in a long time. I thank God for showing me that no man can come up with solutions to spiritual problems; It all belongs to Him. As I went through an e-Book “A GUY’S GUIDE TO MARRYING WELL” this month, I came a cross a rather profound statement:-

“From the moment a boy reaches puberty
until the day he is lowered into the ground,
Every man will struggle with lust.”

This caught my eye and I could not get it off my mind. It was a very discouraging but challenging statement. There is one thing you have to know as an addict or as a recovering sexual addict, sexual feelings will always be there. Sexual feelings are natural, meant for good and controllable, but lust is a state of mind that leads to sin and has to be dealt with. I went for a counselling session this Sunday and was reminded of some basics;

The Key to beat lust (just like any other sin) is to Surrender all those lustful thoughts to God. Let God through the Holy spirit deal with them for you. It’s not by strength nor might but by the spirit of God. When you get these thoughts, your body stops edifying God and worships the things of this world. So remember, understand your addiction before solving it. I recommend the mini-course on Candeo (www.candeocan.com). Look for the root cause and try to uproot it from there. For now;

  1. Dispose off all the pornographic material you might have. Try get positive material and invest time to replace the
  2. Kill communication to that girl or thing that drags you down. You have to decided, resolve to STOP today. I stopped so you can.
  3. Plan a few days (2-3) to go on a purity journey even while at work or school; meditation in the word, prayer and fasting are advisable.
  4. Make sure you have someone to walk with you through the tough journey, an accountability partner. Keeping it bundled up inside won’t help you at all. Confess your sins to each other and you will be saved. If you don’t have someone, contact an i-Stopped counsellor for help. Don’t suffer alone!
  5. Remember to be accountable to yourself by constantly updating the person you choose to help you through this. Make sure you give him/her the key indicators of when you feel low and when you have fallen.
  6. Live a life or purity through constant prayer for mercy and self control from the Holy Spirit. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

I got an encouraging word this morning from a friend, In your heart set apart Chist as Lord. 1 Peter 3:15. I can tell you from experience that you can do it. Trust in the Lord and don’t lean on your own understanding or solution. The Holy Spirit will help you, will work in you and will bring you to maturity in Christ.

  1. Life Without Porn
    March 1, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    It brings me joy to read about people who are traveling on the path of purity, whatever their spiritual inclination may be. I am not a Christian myself, but I deeply respect those who can follow the words of Christ.

    I am currently on my second day without pornography and masturbation, trying to break these addictions. For over a year (maybe two) I have tried to do this every week, but never accomplishing it. But now I have made a vow to myself, and am committing myself to write every day on my blog of purification, so that I can clear my mind and stay rational. I’ve only read this one post of yours so far, but I’ll definitely look into more of your writing for inspiration.

    Thank you.

    • March 3, 2011 at 2:23 pm

      Hi Jay,
      I am thoroughly encouraged by your courage to start a journal blog for tracking your recovery progress. It is one of the hardest addictions to get rid of but find encouragement in that others just like you have passed through my blog and are on the road of recovery. You have to get an inspiration greater than you to help you get through this and I highly recommend surrendering it all to Christ. So much as it is scientific, this addiction is very spiritual and God revealed very deep things to me about it. Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.

      I will keep you in prayer Jay. You will get through this with God’s help man.

      • Life Without Porn
        March 4, 2011 at 1:57 pm

        Thank you very much for your encouragement and prayers. Communicating about this with someone really reinforces my wish to stay sober. I will see to that I acquire an accountability partner, and that I care better for my spiritual life. Thanks.


      • March 7, 2011 at 9:29 am

        Have a look at xxxchurch.com and candeocan.com (Register for the Minicourse). I will keep encouraging you man. It’s not easy doing this alone.

      • December 23, 2011 at 3:06 pm

        Hey Jay, How have you been? I got a great resource to help you if you are still in struggle, Way of purity course on settingcaptivesfree.com. Please register, it has an accountability setup, a 60-day purity challenge and a lot of practical and biblical material. God bless you.

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