Amazing XXXChurch

Yesterday, I visited the official site of Triple X Church I was amazed at how God is moving in this ministry of Sexual Bondage and addiction. The founder Craig Gross started an online church which has ministered to many in the US and internationally. They explain some interesting reasons of this ministry on The most amazing thing that has inspired me beyond words is the initiative Porn Sunday. This is the most fearlessly initiative I have ever heard of. Over 300 churches join in on a Sunday to have a sermon on Porn and its bad effects on people and the society. Whattttt?????? 300 churches all talking about Porn and its effects and giving solutions to thousands at the same time. Wooooww!! Oh God, grant this online ministry such favour in Africa.

I was amazed to see American football players confessing that Porn Addiction has also not spared them. The went through the X3Pure program and were able to come out strong from their bondage.

Just a bit more about it, X3pure is the first online, confidential, streaming-video solution for dealing with sexual addiction. This workshop provides you with the absolute fundamentals for understanding compulsive sexual behavior whether it is with masturbation, pornography use, extra-marital/pre-marital sex, strip clubs, or prostitutes. Easy to understand and accessible, this 30-day program can be logged onto from any Internet-connected computer at any time. Check it out at

I have been seeking inspiration to come up with my own customised program so please keep me in prayer to stand strong in purity and to come up with a divine solution for this spiritual problem.

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