Way of Purity Testimony: Dennis Johnson

I was introduced to pornography at an early age. I’m not sure how old I was but it was in my early teen years, probably around the age of 11. I discovered a pornography magazine that was hidden. So began my journey down the long dark road of pornography. I was a fish in the water and the worm was the pornography magazine. I bit into the bait of the devil and the hook was set in me. Through many many years to follow I tried to find freedom from this addiction to sexual sin with no luck.

After graduation from school my pornography hunger grew and I was soon into self-gratification as well. I wasn’t aware but the devil was slowly moving me deeper into this sexual bondage and slowly tightening his grip on me. I lived with a girl in sin and began to experience things only married couples should. Even though we were committing fornication multiple times a day I still felt deep down inside a thirst for pornography and self-gratification. We lived together 2 years then got married. A couple years later we were having marriage problems, I was still into pornography and self-gratification and after 6 years my marriage ended. I got saved the same year my marriage ended which was 1983.

I was now alone again and I slid still deeper into pornography and self-gratification as the devil continued to tighten his grip on me. My addiction got worse after becoming a child of God. I served God in bus ministries and as a Sunday school teacher for many years.

I met a very godly woman who was much younger than I but we know it was the Lords doing and we married. My loneliness of 14 years ended, but my addiction to sexual sins still remained. I fought off and on throughout the years trying to get free of the addiction to pornography and self-gratification but never had any lasting success. The hook the devil put in me still remained.

We started having marriage problems and my wife wasn’t fulfilling my sexual needs and I know now looking back that I wasn’t fulfilling her needs. I was searching online at different Christian websites for information that would help to enhance our sex life and my pride wouldn’t let me admit that most of the problems with needs not being met was a direct result of my on going addiction to sexual sins I was involved in. My attitude had got bad and my anger problem increased, I wasn’t a happy or pleasant person to be near and I wasn’t happy with my actions or life either.

I was really disgusted one day and went online searching Christian websites again for help and I found a Christian forum and was reading a letter of a wife who was struggling with her husband’s addiction to pornography and self-gratification. The reply to her letter was from a gentleman who in his reply typed in the website: www.settingcaptivesfree.com and it had to be God who led me there and I felt I needed to check it out. Two days later I signed up not really thinking this would work because of all my past attempted failures.

I asked God for grace and pleaded with him to set me free and he broke me and then he healed and restored me. And NOW as of Jan. 20, 2005 I’ve been Totally and Completely Set Free by the Grace and Power of God for nearly a year. During the Way Of Purity Course God removed the sexual desires and lust from my heart and replaced it with a passion to help destroy the grips of pornography and other sexual sins off of others and to help them to get set free with God’s help. I feel God wants to use me to mentor others and help them to cut the head off the giant of sexual sin and to be able to experience true freedom that only comes from Jesus Christ. After nearly 40 years of trying to stop my addiction to pornography and self-gratification on my own God gave me the instrument www.settingcaptivesfree.com and through His saving Grace and Power delivered me completely even though I was in bondage to pornography and self-gratification for 39 years.

My wife and I are very active in our church, and I’m one of the deacons of our church and a part of the leadership as well, as of July 2nd 2004 I’ve been allowing God to use me in mentoring students with Setting Captives Free. Nov. 25th 2004 I completed the 120 day mentorship course and I continue to take on new students as God sets others free. I thank God, because before I found Setting Captives Free I did not know what God was calling me to do. I now know that I’m called to reach the countless others still in bondage to impurity and God has been using me as His instrument in reaching them.

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    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m interested in getting the word out on who are the real victims of Porn. If you get the chance take a moment to read some of the facts in that post.

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