About i-Stopped

Having been involved in various struggles? Have you heard of someone who is struggling with a sinful habit or one out of control? Many addicts never admit that they have a problem.

Do you get a feeling of emptiness when you indulge in Sexual acts, drinking, drugs & smoking?

What is i-Stopped?

I founded the initiative i-Stopped from an blog http://www.istopped.org back in August 2010 after going through a 13 year addiction to Porn. The initiative is now a not-for-profit organization that helps addicts to get anonymous assistance

What is i-Stopped about?

The aim of i-Stopped is to spread a message of hope through Christ Jesus to help addicts get strength to fight while in the pit of struggle of lust of the flesh. The organization is now a not-for-profit organization that helps addicts to get anonymous assistance through courses like ‘way of purity, a 60 days bible-based purity challenge that give addicts the foundation to get out of sexual addiction or an offline accountability class that meets every Tuesday from 6-8pm, Nairobi.

Why is the initiative relevant?
I began this initiative because of 2 main reasons.

  1. -1st, I was an addict for 13 years and God has delivered me from the addiction to porn and masturbation (self-gratification). The addiction all started as a result to me being molested when I was a toddler, 3 years old. It thereafter accelerated when I was introduced to porn at an early age of 13. Through all this time when I was addicted,I never heard anyone ever condone porn and masturbation. Without anyone reaching out to me on this area, I decided to offer the hope myself through Christ.
  2. – 2nd reason is,on the 9th Aug 2012, I was shown a vision by God about the torment that sexual sinners would go through in hell. Over 60% Christians in church are suffering from sexual bondage and most of them don’t know they can be delivered from it.

Please share your I STOPPED * (anything any habit) stories and testimonies to help others like you.

  1. Scott Ensey
    September 18, 2012 at 4:20 am

    I really enjoyed hearing about your victory over addictions, about ten years ago I was set free from drugs and alcohol when I had my eyes opened to JESUS. As of today I find myself in a miserable situation because of an addiction to pornography and masturbation, I once knew for sure about my position in CHRIST but because of so many failures I just feel empty and I am terrified that i have disqualified myself, my biggest fear is not spending eternity with CHRIST. I’m very confused and I hear many voices inside telling me its over for me.

    • September 19, 2012 at 12:50 pm

      Hey Scott,
      We should speak more so that I hear your story out. Man, You will get out of this. God helped me to get out so will He do for you. Remember your recovery steps on drugs addiction. Never think that this thing has power over you. That is a lie from the devil. Be strong in the Lord and you will be able to overcome this. You need to register on http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com and attempt way of purity course. It was an eye opener for me.

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